• Client:
  • Project development: Moritzgruppe | Owner: Immonen Group
  • Location:
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Status:
  • Study
  • Size:
  • Site 62,000 sqm; 146,000 sqm gross floor space


LAVA's design concept for THE:SQUARE³ was "LIFE NATURE SPORT". The proposed mixed use development was to be located close to Berlin's centre and Europe’s largest urban nature reserve and Olympics training centre.

LIFE: A multifunctional urban plan includes all the essentials for a high-quality and healthy urban existence for locals, workers and visitors, successfully answering the demands of a contemporary, quality lifestyle.

NATURE: Green characterises three blocks containing apartments, retail space, a kindergarten and social services. Residents enjoy diagonally shaped spaces, green roof-scapes with cascading balconies, integrated garden courtyards, and overlook playing fields. Hanging plant-filled facades are articulated according to building orientation.

SPORT: Rising above a sport ‘podium’ are three towers of varying heights with Olympic themed metallic facades of gold, silver and bronze. Each is tapered to maximise sunlight, views and ventilation. Offices, apartments, a medical and research centre, sports education facilities, a sports hotel and a shopping mall, encircle a green piazza.

The design won a 2015 European Property Award and a 2012 Iconic Award, German Design Council.      

130211moritzgruppeplot1no3.jpg 130211moritzgruppeplot3groundview.jpg 130211moritzgruppethesquare.jpg 130211moritzgruppethesquarebynight.jpg 130211moritzgruppethesquareoverallzoom.jpg 130228moritzgruppeplot3aerial.jpg 130228moritzgruppeplot3courtyard.jpg 130228workflowsketch2.jpg 130228workflowsketch3.jpg the-square-1755.jpg the-square-2755.jpg thesquare3interior.jpg
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope