• Client:
  • PNYG Gulf
  • Location:
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Partners:
  • Wenzel+Wenzel, Stuttgart
  • Status:
  • Design 2007, Contract Stage
  • Size:
  • GFA 32.000 m2;


The Corniche Tower represents a new international standard in state of the art design.   A ‘diamond’ design concept is translated into a series of stacked diagonally articulated modules of eight floors each. The colourful façade of interlocking triangles is the outcome of research to determine the optimum surface and material effects associated with the brilliance of diamonds. Different weather situations during night and day are reflected in the building, keeping the external aesthetics animated and responsive when viewed from the public domain. The Corniche will be immediately recognisable due to its lighting design, both externally and internally.

A premium exterior and world-class interior places the Corniche design well ahead of surrounding buildings. All floors have panoramic views and a glazed facade that allows the user to be in full control of climatic conditions.

The lines of the façade are taken as a radial pattern all the way to the edges of the plaza landscape. Different materials are applied to echo the colour scheme of the façade. Through the radial pattern a special perspective effect is achieved [referencing Michelangelo’s Campidoglio in Rome] that makes the outside plaza appear larger than its real size.

CornicheTower300dpiLAVA2 CornicheTower300dpiLAVA3 CornicheTower300dpiLAVA4 CornicheTower300dpiLAVA5 CornicheTower300dpiLAVA6 CornicheTower300dpiLAVA7 CornicheTower300dpiLAVA8 CornicheTower300dpiLAVADoc01 CornicheTower300dpiLAVADoc02 CornicheTower300dpiLAVADoc03 CornicheTower300dpiLAVADoc05
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope