• Partners:
  • Dale Jones Evans, Aspa Sagiotis
  • Client:
  • AirBaltic Terminal.competition
  • Location:
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Status:
  • Competition entry, 2011


The aim for a new Riga international airport design was to re-evaluate and reignite the dynamism of air travel. Suggesting a visionary departure from the current airport typology it emphasised the spirit of flight with form and design.

The inspiration for the airport design comes from the natural structure of soap bubbles and the concept of a minimal surface that results in a structural purity and efficiency in the proposed envelope. The concept brings structure to the exterior surface in to meet the interior, effectively introducing people within the airport to the natural beauty of Riga, whether it is the final flowerings of spring or the first falling of autumn leaves.

The airport is further integrated with the natural environment with parklands along its approach creating a seamless impression of Latvia’s natural beauty. The national Latvian linden tree is its centrepiece.

cb-DJERIGAV05FINALv21 DJERIGAV03FINALv2 DJE-TEMP011 DJE-TEMP021 DJE-TEMP22 level1.2.jpg level-3.
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope