• Client:
  • Armstrong DLW
  • Location:
  • Munich, Germany
  • Status:
  • Completed 2009
  • Size:
  • 289 m2


One continuous landscape immersed visitors at this trade show in a setting that showcased linoleum, its rich colour range and pattern variations as well as its flexible application on every surface.

Since the environmentally sustainable product is difficult to transfer onto an image, the first impression of the stand is an abstract overall picture. It originates from a fascination for traditional linoleum ornaments and camouflage patterns, such as dazzle paintings on warships. The picture sprawls over all functional areas of the fair stand, all enclosed in one continuous landscape.

To enhance the differentiated appearance of the material within one big gesture, various colour shades, textures, and grades of glossiness of linoleum came together in the material selection to form one composition. The overall object is an island, where the overlay of geometry and colour caused edges to blur the spatial boundaries into one continuous image.

Functionally, the fair stand is designed to act like a terraced landscape. The four main access routes lead to an elevated central area where a platform gives visitors an overview of the provided range. The landscape envelopes all the functional elements: vertical drawers with material samples, a reception desk, a bar, multiple seating areas, a small stage and a storage room. The convenient haptics of the material surface can be experienced on both floors and furniture.

Overall Stage Close up Detail of the stage Detail LAVAColorscape-section-1 /016ABPBDraufsichtLAVA
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope