• Client:
  • Lend Lease
  • Location:
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Partners:
  • Rogers Stirk Harbour
  • Status:
  • Competition Winner 2009
  • Size:
  • Undisclosed


Two residential towers offer a new typology of residential living on the city edge. Orientated to optimise environmental performance, the tower design extended the surrounding parklands into a vertical “green wrap”.

Barangaroo is a 22-hectare waterfront precinct in Sydney. Within walking distance to the CBD, it comprises parklands, including 1.5km of public waterfront, and retail, residential and commercial spaces.

LAVA’s design for the residential towers offered a new typology of residential living on the edge of the city. Orientated to optimise environmental performance, the tower massing reinforces the masterplan fanning concept with slender towers that complement adjacent precincts.

The tower design is informed by the concept of “vertical village”, an approach that sees the extension of the Barangaroo Park into a vertical “green wrap”. This conceptually weaves the tower’s residential facade with private gardens that are occupied and enjoyed by apartment owners.

The proposal consists of two high-rise towers defined by four distinct podium edge conditions at the ground plane level. To the south a wide, splayed footpath provides a forecourt to “Soho Style” apartments that overlook Darling Harbour, whilst to the west the proposal opens to invite the public to sit and watch park activity.

The northern street edge offers pedestrians a finer experience with more intimate urban spaces activated by” Soho” offices on the ground floor and lobby entries for apartments and both residential towers above. To the west low-rise residential apartments contain the proposal that front directly onto the proposed north-south canal, and link the masterplan elements.


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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope