• Client:
  • Competition
  • Location:
  • Messe Genf, Switzerland
  • Partners:
  • Jung von Matt Relations, designtoproduction Germany, office Martin Schroth
  • Status:
  • Competition
  • Size:
  • 3,000 m2


A fair stand for the new Compact Class Mercedes-Benz car aimed to introduce and connect a younger audience to the brand.

The design aimed to target the interests of younger people whilst reinforcing the special quality, comfort and security traditionally associated with the brand. Whilst existing customers look more at the products, the younger target group view cars in terms of their lifestyle.

The stand concept reflects the innovative approach of Mercedes-Benz to automotive engineering.

A dynamic force field is where the three core brand values of 'perfection, fascination and responsibility' were evident. These three brand values were assigned their own unique spaces. They were connected via visible shafts of light, force field lines that spread over the entire dynamic area. The spaces rise from the ground like sand dunes in the wind and warp the ceiling in the outer foothills. Light intensity and strength varies and is constantly changing, opening up new spaces.

Each "brand space" presented the content associated with that model, which is staged as a hero prominently on circular platforms. A virtual media sculpture in the centre of the stand combined interactivity and information.

The space was real and virtual, informative and interactive.

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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope