• Client:
  • Undisclosed
  • Location:
  • Jebel Hafeet, UAE
  • Partners:
  • Wenzel+Wenzel; Transsolar KlimaEng; ARUP; ecosign; Locke-Carey
  • Status:
  • Definitive Design, 2008
  • Size:
  • Ski Dome area 289.000 m2; Retail area 32.000 m2


The indoor ski slope answers the desire in hot desert regions for more diversified seasons, including a cool snow environment.

Conceived as a sports-driven venue, the project provided an environment for the active lifestyle of visitors. The large-scale solar plant proves the technological availability of renewable energy sources for large-scale developments.

The ski resort embraces the strongest of contrasts: desert meets ice, solar power generates snow, fire touches water, tradition versus innovation and combines these polar opposites into a unique architectural proposal.

It offers a total skiable distance of 5 km with slopes for beginners and experts. Ski pistes comfortably accommodate 2,400 users at one time, on about 270,000m2 of skiing surface.

A quasi-outdoor atmosphere in a high tech building was designed. Light entering the building is filtered and diffused through a series of membranes. A changing artificial sky with a serene, light and ephemeral atmosphere enhances the indoor experience and disguises the technological nature of the environment. The boundaries between roof, wall and ceiling disappear as they would in nature. This is man and nature creating something extraordinary.

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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope