• Client:
  • City of Heidelberg
  • Location:
  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Partner:
  • Wenzel + Wenzel; Teuffel Engineering; Bobran Engineers; Laux Kaiser + Partnerschaft
  • Status:
  • Competition - Honourable Mention 2009
  • Size:
  • 6400m2 GFA


Multifunctionality is a bit like a folding bike: it is certainly practical, maybe suitable for a lot of circumstances, but it comes with the loss of comfort and performance.

LAVA offered something different. An ensemble of two distinct buildings – old and new - not only created a space between, but rather a place for the public directly at the river. A place to enjoy life, culture and community.

Both buildings were accessed from the same plaza. The foyer of the Concert Hall - carved out of the compact volume - opened towards the river and large glazed openings revealed a breathtaking view to the slopes on the other side of the Neckar.

With all the demanding functionalities of a new building the Concert Hall wasn't compromised and the heritage of the City Hall remained without major changes to it’s historic features.

993174viewNecka 091126Nachtbild 993174viewVorplatz
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope